Pamela R. Quinlan

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Bio: Pamela Quinlan is a retired social worker in human services and enjoys free-lance writing. She developed the idea for her series of children books about Spring Pond while volunteering as an outdoor tour guide at Durward's Glen Retreat Center in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The central character, Herman the Turtle, actually was her son's turtle that was released into the pond fifteen years ago. Visitors on her tours still look for him to this day.

The Spring Pond Series Book's Digital illustrations created by Chris Dreyer - Dreyer Design, Inc.


Herman the Turtle

Set at Durward’s Glen, The Spring Pond series of books are all set at Spring Pond and tell stories about animals like those found at Durward’s Glen. In fact, the central character, Herman the Turtle, actually belonged to Quinlan’s son. The turtle was released into the pond 15 years ago. “I believe Herman is still in the pond,” Hueysaid Quinlan, who noted that visitors on tours at the Glen continue to look for him. “The Glen is dear to my heart,” said Quinlan. She hopes her books will inspire people — especially families with children — to come to Durward’s Glen.Mr. White Paws





New Lisbon School, Wisconsin


ChorizoFollow all the interesting characters of the Spring Pond Series. Each book introduces new forest friends that reside at The Spring Pond.Baldy



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To book a speaking engagement with Pamela Quinlan, please e-mail Pamela at Current titles of some her talks are: "Say No to Bullying" (Book 2, "A Snowy Day at Spring Pond), "Let's Get Started-Write and Publish Your Book," and "The Spring Pond Series, a Burst of Light."