The adventures of Herman the Turtle and all his friends are set at beautiful Durward's Glen in the Baraboo bluffs.
(A Natural Sanctuary, The Perfect Place for Peace and Tranquility).

Durward's Glen

Durward's Glen is located in the beautiful Baraboo bluffs, 30 miles north of Madison, Wisconsin near Devil's Lake State Park. The pristine 40-acre property offers scenic hiking trails, picturesque picnic areas, a pond, a rambling brook, and a white oak over 350 years old. The property has always possessed an inspiring spiritual character, which has attracted visitors from all over, and is recognized as a place for reflection, peace, and inspiration. 

The Glen also offers lodging. As both a former home to painters and poets and a novitiate house for the Order of Saint Camillus, Durward's Glen is the perfect place for a personal or group retreat. Given its location in the Wisconsin Dells area, it is also the ideal base for a restorative vacation.

Support Historic Durward's Glen!

For all of our Friends of the Glen, there are several ways in which you can help support Durward's Glen Retreat Center.

First, we encourage you to visit Durward's Glen often.  Consider dropping a donation in the box outside the chapel door, from time to time, as you walk through the grounds free from the hustle and bustle of the outside world.  Be sure to share your love and knowledge of Durward's Glen with your friends and aquaintances.

We also offer our newly established Memorial Brick Campaign for those of you who would like to place a brick in honor of a deceased loved one, or as a family remembrance.  For more information, pick up a Brick Campaign Brochure from the Mary, Mother of God Grotto or contact us at 608.356.8113 or via email at

Thank you for helping to support this unique piece of Wisconsin History.

Our Start

"We shall make our home on that shady slope, and I shall bridge the stream so our children may play in the valley. With the tranquility of solitude and the sweetness of growing life, we shall breathe the pure air of the hills, drink the fresh water of the stream, eat the fruits of the valley and rejoice in the presence of God."

~Bernard Durward

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